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Research Labs

Surgical Planning Laboratory (SPL)

Founded by Dr. Ron Kikinis in 1990, the Surgical Planning Laboratory performs basic and translational research into a wide variety of computationally assisted medicine, including the registration, segmentation, visualization, and quantitative analysis of multimodality medical image data. More specifically, it provides computer algorithms, software systems, and other infrastructure to support preoperative planning, intraoperative execution, and patient monitoring within image-guided therapy.

Focused Ultrasound Laboratory

The Focused Ultrasound Laboratory, founded in the early 1990's by Dr. Kullervo Hynynen, performs basic and translational research on uses of ultrasound for therapy and imaging and on MRI-based guidance and monitoring of therapeutic focused ultrasound surgery (FUS) procedures. Research performed in the focused ultrasound laboratory formed the basis for the ExAblate 2000, the first FDA approved MRI-guided focused ultrasound device built by InSightec (Haifa, Israel). The FUS group provides MRI-compatible ultrasound devices, calibration of ultrasound devices, simulations of ultrasound fields and thermal simulations, and software and analysis of MRI-based temperature imaging. It also provides training in MRI guided ultrasound therapy and support for clinical MRI-guided FUS procedures.

Image Guided Therapy Prostate Group (IGTPG)

Prostate Group, encompassed within the National Center for Image Guided Therapy, develops and implements integrated image-guidance systems for the performance of prostate interventions. To date, the Group has developed these methods for MRI-based imaging and MR-guided interventions and will continue to incorporate these results with those from its robotics program as well as other innovations within the area of medical imaging and guidance systems.

Neurosurgery Laboratory

The Golby Laboratory, a Surgical Brain Mapping Laboratory, located at the Brigham and Women's Hospital is the Neurosurgical laboratory within the National Center for Image-Guided Therapy. It focuses on the translation of Neuroscience techniques in functional brain mapping, particularly functional MRI (fMRI), to the clinical realm.

Medical Imaging Physics Group (MIPG)

The Medical Imaging Physics Group is represented by a diverse group of independent investigators who are linked by common goals and a multitude of interlocking collaborations. The development of fast, dynamic, and novel MR imaging techniques is one common activity for which this group of investigators has achieved an international reputation. A further activity of the group is the development of applications that employ these techniques, such as those pertaining to MRI-guided therapy. Common quality benchmarks in the group's research goals are improvements in temporal and spatial resolution, signal-to-noise ratio, and the enhancement of image contrast.

CIMIT Image Guidance Laboratory (CIGL)

The CIMIT Image Guidance Laboratory, a part of the Center for the Integration of Medicine & Innovative Technology, exists to improve minimally invasive procedures by providing real-time images showing instrument positions in anatomic context. To accomplish this, the lab develops systems that are low in cost, adapt easily to commercial instruments, are intuitive to use, and based on open source software.

Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory (SNR)

The Surgical Navigation and Robotics Laboratory enables more effective and less invasive treatment in image-guided therapy by: inventing disruptive computer and engineering methods for surgical navigation; developing innovative devices and mechanisms for robotic surgery; applying the developed technologies in actual clinical cases and delivering unique feedback to the scientific research community; sharing the research data, software, and device design with industry and academic peers; and applying synergistic coupling to scientific disciplines unaware of or presently disconnected from image-guided therapy.