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The National Center for Image Guided Therapy (NCIGT), located at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston, is a Biomedical Technology Resource Center funded by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering under the NIH grant number P41EB015898. NCIGT serves as a national resource for all aspects of research on medical procedures enhanced by imaging. The common goal is to provide more effective patient care. The Advanced Multimodal Image-Guided Operating (AMIGO) suite is the clinical translational test-bed for research in NCIGT. A unique resource for image-guided therapy, AMIGO encourages and involves multidisciplinary cooperation and collaboration among teams of surgeons, interventional radiologists, imaging physicists, computer scientists, biomedical engineers, nurses, and technologists with the common goal of delivering the safest and the most effective state-of-the-art therapy to patients in a technologically advanced and patient-friendly environment.

Since its inception in 2005, NCIGT has created a portfolio of clinical and research activities at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and has provided local, regional, national, and international researchers with access to these capabilities through collaborations, service, training and dissemination activities. Our core strategy is the close integration of translational research, engineering activities, and a broad coverage of clinical areas. We have found that many technologies can be used in heretofore seemingly unrelated clinical applications. For example a registration algorithm, that was initially developed for image-guided therapy (IGT) of the brain, can with minor modifications be used for image fusion in the prostate. This type of synergy acts as a multiplier for making more effective use of available resources.

Research in NCIGT is organized into six technology research and development (TRD) projects, each of which interacts with the others and with our outside academic and industrial collaborators. In addition, we are exerting special efforts in training external investigators in the use of these technologies and in their dissemination for public use.

image:Clare.png Clare Tempany, MD is the PI for NCIGT and in that role provides the overall vision for the Center. Dr. Tempany also leads the Prostate Project whose goals are to develop and evaluate image-guided prostate surgery; to improve and optimize MR-guided radiation therapy; to optimize MR image guided prostate biopsy.
image:AlexGolby.png The Neurosurgery Project is led by Alexandra J. Golby, MD. Its goal is the semi-automatic identification of neurosurgically important white matter tracts using fMRI+DTI atlas.
image:Nathan.png The Focused Ultrasound Project is led by Nathan J. McDannold, PhD. Its goals are: the measurement and modeling of drug delivery with US-induced blood-brain barrier (BBB) disruption; investigating the tissue response to different modes of US-induced tissue ablation; real-time tissue tracking to guide MRgFUS therapies using US sensors.
image:Wells.png The Computation Project is led by William M. Wells III., PhD. Its goals are: MR to Ultrasound Registration for Neurosurgery and Prostate Brachytherapy; CT- Xray Registration Technology for Radiation Therapy; 3D Slicer Engineering.
image:Bruno.png The Imaging Project is led by Bruno Madore, PhD. Its goals are: temperature mapping in moving organs; tracked High-resolution MR imaging of catheters and endoscopes; ultrasound mapping of tissue perfusion for IGT.
image:Noby.png The Guidance Project is led by Nobuhiko Hata, PhD. Its goals are: to develop and clinically validate image registered endoscopic ultrasound with improved accuracy and new applications; to investigate intra-cardiac beating heart surgery aided by 3D ultrasound image guidance; to perform MR-guided ablation of liver with motion compensated navigation.
image:Tina3.png The NCIGT Training and Dissemination Project is led by Tina Kapur, PhD. Its goals are: to help researchers around the world learn, teach, and perform image-guided therapy; to serve the clinical and research IGT communities by providing access to state-of-the art IGT facilities, equipment, technologies, and interventional/surgical planning software tools.
image:Ron.png Collaborations are led by Ron Kikinis, MD. Collaborations have allowed NCIGT technologies to be applied to domains including radiation therapy, brain tumor therapy, abdominal lesion resection, and focused ultrasound therapy. If you are interested in Collaborating with NCIGT, please complete this form.
image:Jolesz.png NCIGT was founded by Ferenc Jolesz, MD. A 2014 book by him, titled Intraoperative Imaging and Image-Guided Therapy, details this vision and the history of IGT research at NCIGT, BWH, and around the world.
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