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National Center for Image Guided Therapy



Ferenc Jolesz, MD Center Director and PI
Clare Tempany, MD Center Co-PI, Clinical Director, Prostate Core PI
Ron Kikinis, MD Center Research Director
Tina Kapur, PhD Center Executive Director
Alexandra Golby, MD Neurosurgery Core PI
Nathan McDannold, PhD FUS Core PI
Sandy Wells, PhD Computation Core PI
Bruno Madore, PhD Imaging Core PI
Noby Hata, PhD Guidance Core PI


External Advisory Board

Sadhna Verma, MD vermasm at ucmail.uc.edu (Prostate)
John Heiss, MD HeissJ at ninds.nih.gov (Neurosurgery)
Rich Price, PhD rjp2z at eservices.virginia.edu (FUS)
Steve Pizer, PhD pizer at cs.unc.edu (CC)
Charles Dumoulin, PhD Charles.Dumoulin at cchmc.org (Imaging)
Terry Peters, PhD tpeters at robarts.ca (Guidance)
Bruce Rosen, MD, PhD bruce at nmr.mgh.harvard.edu (P41 Leadership and Outreach)

NIH Program Officer

Steve Krosnic, MD, PhD krosnics at mail.nih.gov, NIBIB