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The 9th International Interventional MRI Symposium, Saturday, September 22, 2012
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Harvard Medical School
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA.
7:00 AM Shuttle pick up at Marriott Copley Hotel
8:00-8:30 AMBreakfast
8:30-10:00 AM SESSION 1: PREDICTING THE FUTURE | Moderators: Jonathan Lewin MD, Thomas Kahn MD
8:30 AM Ferenc Jolesz, MD
8:45 AM Jonathan Lewin, MD
9:00 AM Thomas Kahn, MD
9:15 AM Brad Wood, MD
9:30 AM Paul Bottomley, PhD
9:45 AM Discussion
10:00-10:30 AM BREAK
10:30 AM-12:00 PMSESSION 2: PELVIS | Moderators: Clare Tempany MD, Cynthia Menard MD
10:30 AM Clare Tempany, MD Prostate Interventions in the AMIGO Suite
10:45 AM Akila Viswanathan, MD, MPH Gynecologic Brachytherapy in the AMIGO Suite
11:00 AM Michael Moche, MD Virtual Real-time Navigation Option for Transrectal MRI-guided Prostate Biopsies at 3 Tesla: Technique, Accuracy and Preliminary Clinical Experience
11:12 AM Joyce Bomers, MSc MR-guided Focal Cryoablation in Patients with Prostate Cancer Recurrence
11:24 AM Cynthia Menard, MD MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsy Prior to Focal Salvage after Radiotherapy
11:36 AM Joyce Bomers, MSc MR-guided Temperature Mapping in Prostate Cancer Patients: Stability and Feasibility
11:48 AM David Woodrum, MD, PhD MR-guided Cryoablation of Prostate Adenocarcinoma Recurrences
1:00-3:00 PM Session 3: CARDIOVASCULAR | Moderators: Ehud Schmidt PhD, Reza Razavi MD, Graham Wright PhD
1:00 PM Reza Razavi, MD The Ups and Downs of MR Guided Congenital Cardiac Interventions: What are the Lessons for the Future?
1:15 PM Ehud Schmidt, PhD X-MRI Guided Atrial Fibrillation Ablation in AMIGO: What's Accomplished & Future Improvements
1:30 PM Graham Wright, PhD iMRI for Ventricular Arrhythmia Management
1:45 PM Cliff Weiss, MD MR-Guided Percutaneous Sclerotherapy of Low-Flow Vascular Malformations: A Two Year Experience
2:00 PM Matthias Gutberlet, MD First Clinical Experience in Man with the IMRICOR-MR-EP System: Electrophysiology and Ablation Study Guided by Real-time MRI
2:12 PM Jens Frahm, PhD Real-time MRI of Cardiac Function and Flow at a Resolution of 35 ms
2:24 PM Asghar Ataollahi 3-DOF MR-Compatible Cardiac Catheter Steering Mechanism
2:36 PM Zion Tse, PhD MRI-compatible 12-lead ECG for MRI-guided Cardiac Electrophysiology
2:48 PM Kevan Anderson In Vivo Active Visualization of an RF-ablation Guidewire for the Revascularization of Occlusive Arterial Disease
3:00-3:30 PM BREAK
3:30-4:45 PMSESSION 4: ABDOMEN AND THORAX | Moderators: Kemal Tuncali MD, Noby Hata PhD
3:00 PM Kemal Tuncali, MD Liver and Kidney Interventions in the AMIGO Suite
3:45 PM Feng Zhang, MD Development of an MRI-Monitored IntraTIPS Local Agent Delivery Technique Using Motexafin Gadolinium: Towards Improving Long-Term Patency of TIPS
3:57 PM Frank Fischbach, MD MR-guided Freehand Biopsy of the Liver: Assessment of fast Dynamic Imaging Sequences and the Use of Gd-EOB-DTPA
4:09 PM Christian Rosenberg, MD Performance Comparison of Near-harmonic Reference-less Proton Resonance Frequency Shift (PRFS) and Reference-subtraction PRFS Thermometry for MRI-guided Ablation in Human Livers
4:21 PM Lei Zhao, PhD Evaluation of the Biopsy and Cryoablation of Lung Tumor Using an MRI-guided Interactive Navigation Platform
4:33 PM David Woodrum, MD, PhD MR Temperature Mapping for Monitoring of Vapor Ablation in Ex Vivo Liver
4:45-6:00 PMSESSION 5: MR-GUIDED FOCUSED ULTRASOUND | Moderators: Kullervo Hynynen PhD, Wady Gedroyc MD
4:45 PM Kullervo Hynynen, PhD MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound for Stroke and Tumor Treatments
5:00 PM Wady Gedroyc, MD FUS for Spine and Liver
5:15 PM Dana Gourevich, BSc Ultrasound Facilitated Targeted Drug Delivery: An in-vitro Study of Drug Uptake with a Clinical MRgFUS system
5:27 PM Jonthan Kopechek, PhD Nanoparticle-enhanced Thermal Ablation in vivo with MR-guided HIFU
5:39 PM Terence Ta, PhD Thermosensitive Liposomes Modified with Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-propylacrylic acid) Copolymers for Focused Ultrasound-triggered Release of Doxorubicin
6:00-8:00 PM RECEPTION AND AMIGO TOURS at Cabot Auditorium, 45 Francis Street. Shuttle departs at 6 PM, and then again at 6:15 PM, from Conference Center.
7:45 PM Shuttle Pick #1 at Cabot Auditorium. Destination Marriott Copley Hotel, Boston.
8:15 PM Shuttle Pick #2 (last one) at Cabot Auditorium. Destination Marriott Copley Hotel, Boston.
Sunday, September 23, 2012
Joseph B. Martin Conference Center
Harvard Medical School
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA.
7:00 AM Shuttle pick up at Marriott Copley Hotel
8:00-8:30 AM Breakfast
8:30-10:15 AMSESSION 6: BRAIN | Moderators: Alexandra Golby MD, Christopher Nimsky MD PhD, Garnette Sutherland MD
8:30 AM Christopher Nimsky, MD, PhD Intraoperative MRI and Navigated Fiber Tractography in Glioma Surgery
8:45 AM Alexandra Golby, MD Brain Tumor Resection in the AMIGO Suite
9:00 AM Garnette Sutherland, MD Merging Machines with Image-guided Microsurgery
9:15 AM Nathan McDannold, PhD “Non-thermal” Ablation in the Brain via Focused Ultrasound Combined with an Ultrasound Contrast Agent
9:30 AM Pinakin Jetwa, MD Complication Avoidance during Brain Tumor Ablation using Magnetic Resonance guided Laser Induced Thermal Therapy (LITT): Lessons Learned after One Year
9:45 AM Muna Aryal, PhD Improved Survival in a Rat Glioma Model after Enhanced Delivery of DOXIL with Focused Ultrasound induced blood-brain barrier disruption
10:00 AM Pankaj Daga, PhD Optic Radiation Localisation during Neurosurgery with Interventional MRI
10:15-10:45 AM BREAK
10:45-11:45 AMSESSION 7: MUSCOSKELETAL | Moderators: John Carrino MD, Ron Kikinis MD
10:45 AM John Carrino, MD Augmented Reality Visualization with Use of Image Overlay Technology for Musculoskeletal MR Imaging-guided Interventions
11:00 AM Pekka Kerimaa, MD MR-guided Percutaneous Retrograde Drilling of the Osteochondritis Dissecans of Talus
11:15 AM Florian Streitparth, MD Real-time MR-guided Lumbosacral Periradicular Injection Therapy Using an Open 1.0 Tesla MRI system – an outcome study
11:30 AM Michael Bowen, NP A Model for a Dedicated Interventional MRI Clinic: the Emory University Experience
1:15-2:15 PMSESSION 8: CELL & DRUG DELIVERY | Moderators: Dara Kraitchman VMD PhD, Yanfeng Meng MD PhD
1:15 PM Dara Kraitchman, VMD, PhD Hybrid Systems for Stem Cell Delivery to the Heart
1:30 PM Yanfeng Meng, MD, PhD MRI of Intracoronary Local Delivery of Motexafin Gadolinium: Towards Molecular MRI-Guided Gene Therapy
1:45 PM Shashank Hegde, PhD Transendocardial Therapeutics Using Real-time MR Guidance at 3T
2:00 PM Katharina Strach MR-guided Freehand Biopsy of Breast Lesions in an 1.0 Tesla Open MR Scanner
2:15-3:45 PMSESSION 9: TECHNOLOGY: MRI | Moderators: Jeff Duerk PhD, Bruno Madore PhD
2:15 PM Kim Butts, PhD MR Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging: Applications in Focal Spot Localization, Phase Aberration Correction, and Shear Wave Imaging
2:30 PM Jeff Duerk, PhD Accelerated and Interactive Real Time Intervention: Conceptualization and Feasibility
2:45 PM Bruno Madore, PhD Real-time Thermometry for MR-Guided Interventions on Moving Organ
3:00 PM Ergin Atalar, PhD Transmit Array Technology for Interventional MRI.
3:15 PM Chang-Sheng Mei, PhD Novel Strategy to Assess Tissue Damage During Thermal Ablations
3:30 PM Mehmet Arcan Erturk Interventional MRI “Endoscopy” Using a Transmit/Receive Loopless Antenna at 7 Tesla
3:45-4:15 PMBREAK
4:15-6:00 PMSESSION 10: TECHNOLOGY: VISUALIZATION, NAVIGATION, ROBOTICS | Moderators: Keyvan Farahani PhD, Ron Kikinis MD, Andreas Melzer MD
4:15 PM Keyvan Farahani, PhD An Open Science Framework for Technology Assessment in Interventional MRI
4:30 PM Ron Kikinis, MD 3D Slicer: An Open Source Platform for Image Guided Therapy
4:45 PM Andreas Melzer, MD EU FP7 Initial Training Network : Integrated Interventional Imaging Operating System IIIOS
5:00 PM Harald Busse, PhD Update on Navigation Techniques for MRI-guided Interventions
5:15 PM Sandy Wells, PhD Uncertainty Characterization in Image Registration for Therapy
5:30 PM Jason Stafford, PhD Uncertainty Quantification for Thermal Simulation of MR-guided Laser Induced Thermal Therapy
5:45 PM Noby Hata, PhD MRI-guided Robotics for Therapy
6:00-6:05 PMCLOSING REMARKS (Ferenc Jolesz)
6:15 PM Shuttle back to Copley Marriott Hotel



  • 01. MR Guided Prostate Cryoablation for Prostate Cancer in Patients with Prior Rectal Cancer :: David Woodrum, Akira Kawashima, Krzysztof Gorny, Joel Felmlee, Kimberly Amrami, Matthew Callstrom and Lance Mynderse
  • 02. Fast T1-weighted gradient echo imaging in monitoring MRI-guided focal cryoablation of prostate cancer :: Christiaan Overduin, Joyce Bomers, Maarten Hoes, Tom Scheenen, Bennie ten Haken, Jurgen Fütterer and Frank de Lange
  • 03. Smart Template: An Actuated Needle Guide Template for MRI-guided Transperineal Prostate Interventions :: Sang-Eun Song, Junichi Tokuda, Kemal Tuncali, Clare Tempany and Nobuhiko Hata
  • 04. A device for MRI-guided delivery of needles to the prostate for focal therapy :: Jeremy Cepek, Blaine Chronik, Uri Lindner, John Trachtenberg and Aaron Fenster
  • 05. A custom leg holder system for MR-guided prostate cryotherapy: design and initial clinical experience :: Laure Esteveny, Georgia Tsoumakidou, Pierre Renaud, Bernard Bayle, Elodie Breton and Afshin Gangi
  • 06. Towards teleoperated needle steering in MRI-guided prostate interventions :: Reza Seifabadi, Iulian Iordachita and Gabor Fichtinger
  • 07. Real-time needle tip tracking using Fiber Brag Grating sensors for MRI-guided prostate interventions: Design considerations :: Esteban Escobar Gomez, Reza Seifabadi, Gabor Fichtinger and Iulian Iordachita
  • 08. Design of a Novel Device for MRI Guided Transrectal Prostate Biopsy :: Nicholas Lambert, Mihailo Ristic and Nandita Desouza
  • 09. Teleoperated Needle Placement for Real-time MRI-guided Prostate Interventions :: Gregory Fischer, Hao Su, Weijian Shang, Gang Li, Nobuhiko Hata and Clare Tempany
  • 10. Clinically Optimal Design and Development of an MRI-compatible Surgical Manipulator for the Prostate Percutaneous Intervention :: Sohrab Eslami, Gregory Fischer, Junichi Tokuda and Iulian Iordachita
  • 11. Multi-slice-to-volume registration for reducing targeting error during MRI-guided transrectal prostate biopsy :: Andras Lasso, Andriy Fedorov, Janice Fairhurst, Junichi Tokuda, Kemal Tuncali, Robert Mulkern, Nobuhiko Hata, Clare M. Tempany and Gabor Fichtinger
  • 12. Image Processing for MR-guided Gynecologic Interstitial Brachytherapy in AMIGO :: Xaiojun Chen, Jan Egger, Akila Viswanathan, Neha Agrawal, William Wells, Ron Kikinis, Clare Tempany, Ferenc Jolesz and Tina Kapur


  • 13. The utility of OsiriX Imaging Software v. 3.9.4 for intracranial tumor volume estimation in the context of MRI guided Laser-Induced Thermal Therapy (LITT). :: Nitesh Patel, Pinakin Jethwa, Eric Hargreaves and Shabbar Danish
  • 14. Optimal Guide Cannula Length for Transventricular Trajectories for Deep Brain Stimulation Lead Placement Targeting the Subthalamic Nucleus :: David McMullen, Eric Hargreaves and Shabbar Danish
  • 15. Novel instrumental platform for planning implantation of intracranial electrodes in patients with epilepsy :: Roman Rodionov, Anna Miserocchi, Christian Vollamr, Caroline Micallef, Beate Diehl, Andrew McEvoy and John Duncan
  • 16. Magnetic Resonance-Guided Selective Laser Hippocampectomy for Treatment of Mesial Temporal Lobe Epilepsy :: Sherif Nour, Amit Saindane, Jon Willie, Ashok Gowda, Nealen Laxpati, Hiroumi Kitajima, Bobbie Burrow and Robert Gross
  • 17. Imaging Genomic Mapping of Edema/Cellular Invasion MRI-Phenotypes in Glioblastoma Multiforme :: Rivka Colen, Bhanu Mahajan, Ferenc Jolesz and Pascal Zinn
  • 18. MR-Guided Laser Ablation for Medically Refractory Seizures :: David Woodrum, Robert Watson, Jamie Van Gompel, Joel Felmlee, Krzysztof Gorny, Roger McNichols, Gregory Worrell and Richard Marsh
  • 19. Accessible Animal Models for Interventional Neurosurgery Training and Research :: Benjamin Grabow, Walter Block, Samuel Hurley, Karl Sillay and Ethan Brodsky
  • 20. Integrated Engineering Solutions for MR Guided, Laser Thermal Ablation of Difficult-to-Treat Intracranial Lesions :: Richard Tyc and K. Jeff Wilson
  • 21. Interventional and Neurosurgery IMRI :: Stephan Kottmeier, Wayne Schellekens and Kirk Champagne
  • 22. Stereotactic surgery in an intraoperative MRI suite :: Paul Schmitt, Robert Frysinger, David Beech and Jeffrey Elias
  • 23. Impact of Intra-operative Surgical Planning Tractography on Operative Procedure:: Sanju Lama, Stefan Wolfsberger, Garnette R. Sutherland


  • 24. Implantable Artificial Kidney: MRI and MDCT Assessment :: Maythem Saeed, Shuvo Roy, Rishi Kant, Alex Heller, Jeremy Durack, Steven Hetts, Loi Do, Paul Brakemann, William Fissel and Mark Wilson
  • 25. The Real-time MR Guidance and Monitoring Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Tumors: A Preliminary Report :: Chengli Li
  • 26. A Technique for MRI-Guided Percutaneous Laser Ablation of Hepatic Metastases: Feasibility, Safety, and Initial Efficacy Results :: Sherif Nour, David Kooby, Charles Staley, Hiroumi Kitajima, Tracy Powell, Michael Bowen, Ashok Gowda, Bobbie Burrow, William Small and William Torres
  • 27. Fully Automatic 3D Iceball Segmentation for MRI-Guided Kidney Cryoablation :: Xinyang Liu, Kemal Tuncali, William Wells and Gary Zientara
  • 28. MR-guided laser ablation of solid abdominal and pulmonary tumors :: Kirk Giesbrandt, Eric Walser, Ashok Gowda and Anil Shetty
  • 29. Molecular MR imaging for end-of-range verification of proton beam therapy in liver tumor patients :: Ovidiu Andronesi, Christian Richter, Thomas Bortfeld, John Wolfgang, Alexander Guimaraes, Theodore Hong and Joao Seco
  • 30. Intraprocedural High Field MR Imaging in Breast Conserving Surgery: Initial Clinical Experience :: Eva Gombos, J Jayender, Mehra Golshan, Kirby Vosburgh, Diana Caragacianu, Daniel Kacher, Angela Kanan, Janice Fairhurst and Ferenc Jolesz

MR-Guided Focused Ultrasound

  • 31. A novel SONICATOR for in vitro studies of focused ultrasound mediated release of NANO-ENCAPSULATED DRUGS for MRgFUS pre-clinical research :: Doudou Xu, Andreas Melzer, Lijun Wang, Sandy Cochran, Mariana Bobeica, Paul Prentice, Bjoern Gerold, Dana Gourevich, Jallal Gnaim and Alex Volovick
  • 32. Temperature calibration studies for MR-guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery :: Timur Saliev, Ioannis Karakitsios, Helen McLeod, Andreas Melzer and Benjamin F Cox
  • 33. Investigation of cavitation detection for MRGFUS :: Bjoern Gerold, Andreas Melzer and Paul Prentice
  • 34. Simultaneous temperature and cavitation activity mapping with an integrated MR and US imaging system :: Costas Arvanitis and Nathan McDannold

Cardiovascular/Blood Vessel

  • 35. Characterization and simulation of TAVI procedures. Is it possible to convert to MRI guidance? :: Fabiola Fernandez-Gutierrez, Ole J. Elle, Benjamin F Cox, Daniel Wendt and Andreas Melzer
  • 36. MR-Guided Sclerotherapy: Intra-procedural Visualization Vascular Malformations using Contrast-Prepared SSFP :: Di Xu, Paul Dicamillo, Ozan Sayin, Aaron Flammang, Wesley Gilson, Jonathan Lewin, Clifford Weiss and Daniel Herzka
  • 37. An MR-compatible 3D Monitor for Real-time Stereoscopic MRA :: Alexander Brunner, Jens Groebner, Wolfhard Semmler and Michael Bock
  • 38. Three-Dimensional Motion Analysis of Portal Vein for Focal Spot Tracking using Stereoscopic MR Images :: Etsuko Kumamoto, Shunpei Iwaoka, Daisuke Kokuryo, Toshiya Kaihara and Kagayaki Kuroda
  • 39. Motion correction in intravascular MRI using projection reconstruction :: Shashank Hegde and Paul Bottomley
  • 40. Ablation Catheter and EP Recording System for MR Guided Interventions :: Tom Lloyd, Steve Wedan, Dan Sunnarborg and Gregg Stenzel
  • 41. Voltage-based Electro-anatomical Mapping System for MRI-guided Electrophysiology :: Zion Tse, Charles Dumoulin, Ronald Watkins, Israel Byrd, Jeffrey Schweitzer, Raymond Kwong, Gregory Michaud, William Stevenson and Ehud Schmidt


  • 42. Development of a full MR-compatible non-electric drilling machine for MR-guided bone biopsies :: Axel Boese, Frank Fischbach, Jens Ricke and Georg Rose
  • 43. Treatment of Osteoid Osteoma using CT-guided Radiofrequency Ablation versus MR-guided Laser Ablation: A Cost Comparison :: Martin Maurer, Bernhard Gebauer and Florian Streitparth
  • 44. Lumbosacral nerve root infiltration therapy under CT- and MRI-guidance: A Cost Comparison :: Martin Maurer, Bernhard Gebauer, Tony Hartwig and Florian Streitparth
  • 45. Contrast leakage in MR guided arthrography :: Marietta Garmer, Serban Mateiescu and Dietrich Grönemeyer

Cell & Drug Delivery

  • 46. Intrabliary MRI-Monitored Local Agent Delivery and Radiofrequency Heating-Enhanced Chemodrug Depositions in Bile Duct Walls :: Feng Zhang, Han Wang, Yanfeng Meng, Patrick Willis, Tong Zhang, Baojie Wei, Stephanie Soriano and Xiaoming Yang
  • 47. MRI-Guided Intra-Arterial Delivery of SPIO-Labeled Natural Killer Lymphocytes to Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Tumor Response in a Rodent Model :: Alexander Sheu, Zhuoli Zhang, Reed Omary and Andrew Larson
  • 48. OSMOFUSOR - osmotically driven fully MRI compatible infusor / drug applicator :: Michael Friebe, Helge Adleff, Thilo Guschauski and Bernd Tombach

Technology: MRI

  • 49. Dynamic 3D Localization using Spatial Phase-Contrast MRI in Real Time :: Klaus-Dietmar Merboldt, Dirk Voit, Martin Uecker and Jens Frahm
  • 50. RF Induced Heating during an Interventional Scenario in a 1T Open MRI Scanner :: Johannes W. Krug, Kerstin Jungnickel, Norman Thuermer, Mandy Kaiser, Jens Ricke and Georg Rose
  • 51. Real-time MR Scanner Control with an Android Tablet :: Stefana Gartu, Julien Barbot, Christine H Lorenz and Klaus J Kirchberg
  • 52. MR-thermometry for guiding Radiofrequency Ablation with a clinical RF-device and an expandable RF-electrode at a 1.0 Tesla open MRI :: Katharina Lohfink, Kerstin Jungnickel, Frank Fischbach and Jens Ricke
  • 53. Developing Thiel Soft-Fix Cadavers as a suitable model for iMRI training and research. :: Benjamin Cox, Roos Eisma, Martin Alexander Rube, Marianna Gueorgiva, Helen McLeod, Erwinn Immel and Andreas Melzer
  • 54. Online Real-Time Imaging using Compressed Sensing in Interventional MRI :: Xiao Chen, Kamal Vij and Li Pan
  • 55. Developments in Endovascular Multi-mode coil Design: In-vivo Swine Study :: Krishna Kurpad, Madhav Venkateswaran, Peng Wang, Amish Raval and Orhan Unal
  • 56. Endovascular Multimode Coil Characterization Using B1 Field Mapping :: Madhav Venkateswaran, Krishna Kurpad, Samuel A. Hurley, Peng Wang and Orhan Unal
  • 57. Evaluation of MR Thermometry Techniques for RF Hyperthermia :: Lorne W. Hofstetter, Wouter C.M. Numan, Jurriaan F. Bakker, Gyula Kotek, Eric W. Fiveland, Gavin C. Houston, Guido Kudielka, Gerard C. van Rhoon, Margarethus M. Paulides and Desmond T.B. Yeo
  • 58. A New iMRI Suite Design :: Steve Hushek
  • 59. MR-Mediated Radio Frequency Ablation :: Jerome Ackerman, Yik-Kiong Hue, Erez Nevo, Alexander Guimaraes, Martin Polak, John Lee and Daniel Ackerman
  • 60. Use of Compressed Sensing for Acceleration of Volumetric MR Thermometry :: Michael Marx and Kim Butts Pauly
  • 61. Towards Truly Quiet iMRI: An Animal Scale Gradient Test Platform for Acoustic Noise Reduction :: Abdel-Monem El-Sharkawy and William Edelstein
  • 62. Analysis of localization accuracy of multiple wireless coils in interventional MRI :: Djordje Brujic, Francesca Galassi, Marc Rea, Pedro Ferreira, Nandita Desouza and Mihailo Ristic
  • 63. Acoustic Noise Exposure During Clinical Interventional MRI Procedures on 1.5T Open Configuration Scanners :: Hiroumi Kitajima, Kelly Young, John Oshinski, Bobbie Burrow and Sherif Nour
  • 64. Interventional MRI from the Internet Browser :: Andrew Holbrook, Martin Alexander Rube, Andreas Melzer and Kim Butts Pauly
  • 65. Real-Time MR Thermometry Augmented by Motion Tracking Coil :: Peng Wang, Krishna Kurpad, Madhav Venkateswaran and Orhan Unal
  • 66. Rapid, low-SAR T2-weighted VAPSIF for MR-Guided Percutaneous Interventions :: Sunil Patil, Subashini Srinivasan, Aaron Flammang and Wesley Gilson
  • 67. Development of a novel cableless radiolucent RF coil for MR-guided radiation therapy (MRgRT) :: Mike Hebb, Jeff Winter, Kirk Champagne, Boyd McCurdy, Haoqin Zhu and Labros Petropoulos
  • 68. Multi-Element wireless stacked phase array coil :: Haoqin Zhu, Grace Wang, Mehran Fallah-Rad and Labros Petropoulos
  • 69. A Novel Highly Homogeneous Wireless Birdcage Resonator Coil :: Haoqin Zhu, Mehran Fallah-Rad, Michael Lang, Wayne Schellekens, Kirk Champagne and Labros Petropoulos
  • 70. Parallel Imaging Combining an 8 channel Tx/Rx Phased Array with a Wireless Birdcage Resonator :: Haoqin Zhu, Mehran Fallah-Rad, Michael Lang, Wayne Schellekens, Kirk Champagne and Labros Petropoulos
  • 71. A novel multichannel wireless receive phased array coil without integrated preamplifiers for high field MR imaging applications :: Haoqin Zhu, Mehran Fallah-Rad, Michael Lang, Wayne Schellekens, Kirk Champagne and Labros Petropoulos
  • 72. Optimization for resonant characteristic of intraluminal MRI probe :: Kato Zenta, Matsunaga Tadao, Matsuoka Yuichiro, Kuroda Kagayaki, Esashi Masayoshi and Haga Yoichi
  • 73. Multi-Channel Transceive Paradigm For Interventional MRI :: Greig Scott, Maryam Etezadi-Amoli, Kim Shultz, Adam Kerr, Pascal Stang and John Pauly

Technology: Visualization, Navigation & Robotics

  • 74. Augmented Reality Visualization Using Image-Overlay for MR-guided Interventions: Technical Performance of Spine Injection Procedures in Human Cadavers at 1.5 Tesla :: Jan Fritz, Paweena U-Thainual, Tamas Ungi, Aaron Flammang, Gabor Fichtinger, Iulian Iordachita and John Carrino
  • 75 Augmented Reality Visualization Using Image-Overlay for MR-guided Interventions: Vertebroplasty at 1.5 Tesla :: Jan Fritz, Paweena U-Thainual, Tamas Ungi, Aaron Flammang, Sudhir Kathuria, Gabor Fichtinger, Iulian Iordachita and John Carrino
  • 76 Accurate, rapid and automatic patient registration of a clinical MRI navigation system by simultaneous 3D localization of five wireless MR markers :: Harald Busse, Nikita Garnov, Gregor Thörmer, Thomas Kahn and Michael Moche
  • 77. Assessment of MR-guided laser ablation with molecular bioluminescence imaging in a rat hepatocellular carcinoma model :: Scott Thompson, Matthew Callstrom, Krzysztof Gorny, Jill Anderson, Bruce Knudsen and David Woodrum
  • 78. Towards MRI-guided tracked radiation delivery on a 1.5T MRI-linear accelerator guided MRI linear :: Sjoerd Crijns, Bas Raaymakers and Jan Lagendijk
  • 79. MRI Device Visualization Labeled by Passive Resonant Circuits Fabricated in Different Technologies :: Mandy Kaiser, Andreas Brose, Uta Wonneberger, Frank Fischbach, Jens Ricke, Bertram Schmidt and Georg Rose
  • 80. Investigating the Artifacts of Different Rapid Prototyping Materials under MRI :: Johannes W. Krug, Kerstin Jungnickel, Mandy Kaiser, Jens Ricke, Georg Rose and Axel Boese
  • 81. Real-time scan plane control using a passive marker and resonant micro-coils :: Markus Neumann, Elodie Breton, Loic Cuvillon, Li Pan, Christine Lorenz and Michel de Mathelin
  • 82. Sterile saline as the sole contrast agent for successful percutaneous MR-guided injections: Results in over 250 procedures using a 1.5 Tesla wide-bore MR imaging system :: Dietrich Grönemeyer, Jan Fritz, Serban Mateiescu, Martin Deli, Marietta Garmer and Martin Busch
  • 83. Seamless MR image navigation system using a motorized manipulator with optical and electromagnetic hybrid sensors for a closed bore scanner. :: Shigehiro Morikawa, Hasnine Aktar Haque, Hiroyuki Murayama, Shigeyuki Naka, Tohru Tani, Junichi Tokuda and Nobuhiko Hata
  • 84. 3D handheld SPECT combined with serially acquired MRI reference images - feasibility study for intraoperative applications :: Michael Friebe, Thomas Wendler, Joerg Traub, Bernd Tombach and Nassir Navab
  • 85. Augmented Reality Visualization for Real Time MRI Guided Interventions :: Mathew Philip, Barry Fetics and Erez Nevo
  • 86. Platform for Remote MRI Guided Catheter Navigation :: Mohammad Tavallaei, Yogesh Thakur, Syed Haider and Maria Drangova
  • 87. Clinical evaluation of I125 brachytherapy Treatment of Malignant Tumor Using an Open MRI Guidance Platform with Interactive Navigation Capability :: Bing Liu, Lei Zhao and Yang Zhang
  • 88. Endoscopic Surgery with Near Realtime MRI Guidance :: Hasnine Haque, Shigehiro Morikawa, Shigeyuki Naka, Hiroyuki Murayama and Tohru Tani
  • 89. Using the Internal 125 MHz Oscillator of Siemens 3T Scanners for Catheter Tracking :: Murat Tümer, Baykal Sarıoğlu, Şenol Mutlu, Arda Deniz Yalçınkaya and Cengizhan Öztürk
  • 90. MR Endoscope with Software-Controlled Tuning, Device Tracking and Video :: Jerome Ackerman, Erez Nevo, Evan Zucker, Alec Poitzsch, Katherine Vandenberg, Andrew Zhigalin and Barry Fetics
  • 91. Initial, multi-site clinical experience using an integrated interventional needle guidance workflow :: Eva Rothgang, Elodie Breton, Xavier Buy, Afshin Gangi, Julien Garnon, Rüdiger Hoffmann, Michel de Mathelin, Li Pan, Hansjörg Rempp, Georgia Tsoumakidou, Clifford R. Weiss, Christine H. Lorenz and Wesley D. Gilson
  • 92. Design and validation of a 2-DOF MRI-Compatible Pneumatic Positioner :: Enrico Franco, Ferdinando Rodriguez Y Baena and Mihailo Ristic
  • 93. Navigation for adequate MR scan with integrated MR-endoscope system using intraluminal RF coil :: Yuichiro Matsuoka, Akihiro Takahashi, Etsuko Kumamoto, Yoshinori Morita, Mamoru Takenaka, Aya Sakai, Hiromu Kutsumi, Takashi Azuma and Kagayaki Kuroda
  • 94. Percutaneous Vertebroplasty Using Innomotion Robot Guided by MRI :: Helen McLeod, Christian Roth, Guillaume Dutertre, Ghossein Fadel, Roos Eisma, Ben Cox, Martin Rube and Xu Xiao
  • 95. Image-based Tracking of Deflected Needle for MRI-guided Needle Therapies :: Atsushi Yamada, Junichi Tokuda and Nobuhiko Hata
  • 96. MR-Image Guided Endoscopic surgery - Initial Animal Study - :: Shigeyuki Naka, Hiroyuki Murayama, Koichiro Murakami, Hasnine Haque, Yoshimasa Kurumi, Shigehiro Morikawa and Tohru Tani
  • 97. Workflow and safety systems of a linac-MR sim-brachytherapy MRgRT facility :: Jeff Winter, Marco Carlone, Teodor Stanescu, Stephen Breen, Sophie Foxcroft, Brendan Guyot, Meir Dahan, Rudy Dahdal and David Jaffray
  • 98. Passive catheter tracking with a controllable susceptibility effect :: William Dominguez-Viqueira, Hirad Karimi and Charles Cunningham
  • 99. Statistical Framework for Characterization of Deformable Registration Performance :: Mark Vangel, Andriy Fedorov, William Wells and Clare Tempany

Program Committee

  • Ferenc Jolesz, MD, Chair
  • Thomas Kahn, MD, Co-Chair
  • Jonathan Lewin, MD, Co-Chair
  • Tina Kapur, PhD, Program Chair
  • Paul Bottomley, PhD
  • Harold Busse, PhD
  • Kim Butts, PhD
  • John Carrino, MD
  • Keyvan Farahani, PhD
  • Alexandra Golby, MD
  • Noby Hata, PhD
  • Ron Kikinis, MD
  • Dara Kraitchman, VMD, PhD
  • Bruno Madore, PhD
  • Andreas Melzer, MD, PhD
  • Michael Moche, MD
  • Christopher Nimsky, MD, PhD
  • Tobias Penzkofer, MD
  • Ehud Schmidt, PhD
  • Garnette Sutherland, MD
  • Clare Tempany, MD
  • Kemal Tuncali, MD
  • Clifford Weiss, MD
  • William Wells, PhD
  • Graham Wright, PhD

Organizing Committee

  • Ferenc Jolesz, MD
  • Clare Tempany, MD
  • Tina Kapur, PhD
  • Danielle Chamberlain, BS, RT
  • Danielle Klette
  • Patti Goldberger, MBA
  • Marianna Jakab, MS
  • Angela Kanan, RN, BSN, CNOR, CRN
  • Janice Fairhurst, BS, RT
  • Dan Kacher, MS
  • Sean Jackson, BS
  • Jan Egger, PhD, PhD
  • Neha Agrawal, MBBS
  • Guillaume Pernelle, BS
  • Zion Tse, PhD


  • Ergin Atalar, PhD | Bilkent University, Turkey
  • Paul Bottomley, PhD | Johns Hopkins University
  • Harald Busse, PhD | Leipzig University, Germany
  • Kim Butts, PhD | Stanford University
  • John Carrino, MD | Johns Hopkins University
  • Jeffrey L. Duerk, PhD | Case Western Reserve University
  • Keyvan Farahani, PhD | National Cancer Institute, NIH
  • Wady Gedroyc, MD | St. Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom
  • Alexandra Golby, MD | Harvard Medical School
  • Noby Hata, PhD | Harvard Medical School
  • Kullervo Hynynen, PhD | Sunnybrook Health Center, Canada
  • Ron Kikinis, MD | Harvard Medical School
  • Dara Kraitchman, VMD, PhD | Johns Hopkins University
  • Bruno Madore, PhD | Harvard Medical School
  • Nathan McDannold, PhD | Harvard Medical School
  • Andreas Melzer, MD, PhD | University of Dundee, Scotland
  • Michael Moche, MD | Leipzig University, Germany
  • Christopher Nimsky, MD, PhD | Marburg University, Germany
  • Reza Razavi, MD | Guys Hospital, London
  • Ehud Schmidt, PhD | Harvard Medical School
  • Jason Stafford, PhD | MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston
  • Garnette Sutherland, MD | University of Calgary, Canada
  • Clare Tempany, MD | Harvard Medical School
  • Kemal Tuncali, MD | Harvard Medical School
  • Akila Viswanathan, MD | Harvard Medical School
  • Cliff Weiss, MD | Johns Hopkins University
  • William Wells, PhD | Harvard Medical School
  • Bradford Wood, MD | Center for Interventional Oncology, NIH
  • Graham Wright, PhD | Sunnybrook Health Center, Canada

Where to Stay

Copley Marriott in Boston at the rate of $249.00 USD/night. This rate will be available until August 30, 2012.
Please call reservations at 1-800-228-9290 and ask for the Partner's Health Care Interventional MRI Symposium Room Block.
Copley Marriott
110 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02116 Phone: 617-236-5800

Courtyard Marriott in Brookline at the rate of $239 USD/night. This rate will be available until August 20, 2012.
Please call reservations at 866-296-2296 mention “iMRi Group” to book, or you may go online to www.marriott.com/bosbl and use the following code: IMRIMRA – King Bed.
Courtyard Marriott
40 Webster Street
Coolidge Corner
Brookline, MA 02446
Phone: 617-734-1393

Best Western: The Inn at Longwood Medical at the rate of $189 USD/night. This rate will be available until August 30, 2012.
Please call reservations at 800-468-2378 or 617-731-4700 and mention "NCIGT Workshop and IMRI Symposium"
Best Western: The Inn at Longwood Medical
342 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Phone: (617) 731-4700

Promotional Opportunities

This symposium provides companies with a platform to present their business and products to physicians and scientists from various areas – from research and industry to clinics and practices. Industrial participants will have the opportunity to network, build national and international relationships and forge new paths. In the current early planning stage, there are many different ways to present and promote business.

  • Platinum Promotional Opportunity of $25,000 USD
    • Corporate linked logo on the Symposium website
    • Full color page in the AMIGO brochure that will be distributed with the Symposium program
    • A booth (8 ft x 10 ft) at the Symposium allowing your organization to showcase its products and services to a global audience
  • Silver Promotional Opportunity of $5,000 UDS
    • Corporate linked logo on the Symposium website
    • Full color page in the AMIGO brochure that will be distributed with the Symposium program
    • One (1) – 5 ft table top display to showcase your organization’s products and services
  • Bronze Promotional Opportunity of $2,500 UDS
    • Corporate linked logo on the Symposium website
    • Full color page in the AMIGO brochure that will be distributed with the Symposium program

Full Color Page in AMIGO Brochure

  • Should be sent to Danielle Chamberlain (dchamberlain1@partners.org)
  • PDF format
  • 8.5 x 11 page
  • 1 inch margin (top, bottom, left, right)
  • Should include company logo and an image being used clinically (to be included on the cover page of this brochure).

Table and Booth Set up Information


  • Equipment / Collateral deliveries can be made starting two business days prior to the event and not before, as those deliveries/materials will be turned away. Collateral deliveries may be made without verbal confirmation. Please contact Alwyn Thomas before arranging any equipment shipment. (Contact Phone # (617) 432-7243 / email: Alwyn_Thomas@hms.harvard.edu)
  • All shipping labels should read:
    • Attn: Alwyn Thomas, Room 133, (Hold for _______name of exhibitor onsite contact______, Exhibitor for the IMRI Symposium), The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA 02115
  • For Equipment Deliveries: Please contact Alwyn Thomas for loading dock info & hours. There is NO pallet jack or manpower assistance for equipment shipped. All equipment must be easily movable & INSIDE Delivery arranged. The Conference Center at Harvard Medial is not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment. All equipment must be removed by 5:00 PM.
  • If materials need to be shipped out at the conclusion of the event, the exhibitor is responsible for their own shipping labels, arrangements and transportation of the materials down to the loading area.
  • Exhibit Table Tops are our standard five-foot tables (5’x30”) and typically can come with ONE chair. The standard table dressing for the exhibitors is a black tablecloth.

Registered Attendees as of September 20, 2012

  1. Ackerma,Jerome,Massachusetts General Hospital
  2. Agrawal,Neha,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  3. Ainslie,Maureen,Duke university Medical Center
  4. Ali,Sumera,UAMS
  5. Alikacem,Nadir,InSightec
  6. Amaral,Joao,The Hospital for Sick Children
  7. Anderson,Kevan,Sunnybrook Research Institute
  8. Andrones,Ovidiu,Massachusetts General Hospital
  9. Arvanitis,Costas,BWH
  10. Aryal,Muna,Brigham and Women Hospital
  11. Atalar,Ergin,UMRAM,Bilkent University
  12. Aylward,Stephen,Kitware, Inc.
  13. Aziza,Albert,Sick Kids
  15. Blanco,Sequeiro,Roberto Oulu University Hospital
  16. Block,Walter,UW Madison - Radiology
  17. Blumenfeld,Philip,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  18. Bock,Michael,University Medical Center Freiburg
  19. Bomers,Joyce,Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
  20. Borm,Paul,Nano4imaging GmbH
  21. Bottomley,Paul,Johns Hopkins University
  22. Bowen,Michael,Emory Healthcare
  23. Boyle,Chris,Black Diamond Video, Inc.
  24. Boyle,Amy,IMRIS
  25. Breton,Elodie,Strasbourg University
  26. Brockway,John,Monteris Medical
  27. Brujic,Djordje,Imperial college
  28. Brunner,Alexander,German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ)
  29. Busse,Harald,Leipzig University Hospital
  30. Buts Pauly,Kim,Stanford University
  31. Carrino,John,Johns Hopkins University
  32. Cepek,Jeremy,Western University
  33. Chen,Xiao,Siemens
  34. Chen,Xiaojun,SPL,BWH
  35. Choi,Byoung Wook,Yonsei University College of Medicine
  36. Chu,Renxin,Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  37. Cibelli,Michael,Black Diamond Video
  39. Colombi,Carl,GE Healthcare
  40. Cox,Benjamin,University of Dundee
  41. Cui,Jiaolong,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  42. Daga,Pankaj,University College London
  43. Dahan,Meir,IMRIS
  44. danish,shabbar,Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  45. Deschenes,Sylvain,CHU Sainte-Justine
  46. Dijkstra,Peter,UMC Utrecht
  47. Distenfield,Lisa,MRI Interventions
  48. Dominguez-Viqueira,William,Sunnybrook Research Institute
  49. Dorn,Thomas,Black Diamond Video
  50. Egger,Jan,SPL
  51. El-Sharkawy,AbdEl-Monem,Johns Hopkins University
  52. Erturk,Mehmet Arcan,Johns Hopkins University
  53. Eryaman,Yigitcan,MIT
  54. eslami,sohrab,The Johns Hopkins University
  55. Fairhurst,Janice,BWH
  56. Farahani,Keyvan,National Cancer Institute
  57. Farahani,Keyvan,National Cancer Institute
  58. Faranesh,Anthony,NIH
  59. Fedorov,Andriy,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  60. Ferut,John,GE Healthcare
  61. Fischer,Gregory,WPI
  62. Frahm,Jens,Biomedizinishe NMR Forschungs GmbH at the MPI for biophysical Chemistry
  63. Franco,Enrico,Imperial College London
  64. Friebe,Michael,TU Munich
  65. Fritz,Jan,The Johns Hopkins University
  66. Futterer,Jurgen,RUNMC
  67. Gao,Yi,BWH
  68. Garcia-Rojas,Xavier,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  69. Garmer,Marietta,Groenemeyer institute of microtherapy
  70. Garrabrant,Doug,IMRIS
  71. Gatehouse,Peter,Royal Brompton Hospital
  72. Gedroyc,Wladyslaw,St Marys Hospital
  73. George,Ashvin,University of Utah
  74. Giesbrandt,Kirk,Mayo Clinic
  75. Gilson,Wesley,Siemens
  76. Golby,Alexandra,BWH
  77. Goldust,Jouybari,Mohamad,Tabriz university of medical sciences, Student research committee
  78. Gourevich,Dana,University of Dundee
  79. Grigsby,Perry,Washington University School of Medicine
  80. Gross,Patrick,Siemens AG
  81. Grothoff,Matthias,University Leipzig - Heart Centre Leipzig, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  82. Gulani,Vikas,University Hospitals, Case Medical Center
  83. Gullapalli,Rao,University of Maryland School of Medicine
  84. Gutberlet,Matthias,University Leipzig - Heart Centre Leipzig, Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
  85. Guttman,Michael,Johns Hopkins University
  86. Hahn,Tobias,University and ETH Zurich
  87. Halperin,Henry,Johns Hopkins University
  88. Haque,Hasnine,GE Healthcare Japan
  89. Hata,Noby,BWH/HMS
  90. Hofstetter,Lorne,GE Global Research
  91. Hoge,W. Scott,Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School
  92. Holbrook,Andrew,Stanford University
  93. Honda,Tokuyuki,Canon U.S.A., Inc.
  94. Hou,Lijun
  95. Hushek,Steve,MedTrak
  96. Hynynen,Kullerv,Sunnybrook Research Institute
  97. Jagadeesan,Jayender,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  98. Jakab,Marianna,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  99. Jakab,Peter,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  100. Jenkins,Kimble,MRI Interventions, Inc.
  101. Jethwa,Pinakin,UMDNJ - New Jersey Medical School
  102. Jolesz,Ferenc,BWH.HMS
  103. Kägebein,Urte,Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
  104. Kahana,Yuvi,Optoacoustics Ltd.
  105. Kahn,Thomas,Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology, University of Leipzig
  106. Kaiser,Mandy,Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg
  107. Kanan,Angela,BWH
  108. Kapur,Tina,BWH./HMS
  109. Karmarkar,Parag,MRI Interventions, Inc.
  110. Katharina,Strach,University of Magdeburg, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
  111. Kerimaa,Pekka,Oulun university hospital
  112. Kikinis,Ron,BWH/HMS
  113. Kim,Kye,Censeo
  114. Kirchberg,Klaus,Siemens Corporation, Corporate Research & Technology
  115. Kitajima,Hiroumi,Emory University School of Medicine
  116. Kopechek,Jonathan
  117. Kraitchman,Dara,Johns Hopkins University
  118. Kumamoto,Etsuko,Kobe University
  119. lama,sanju,University of Calgary
  120. Lambert,Nicholas,Imperial College London
  121. Lederman,Robert,National Institutes of Health
  122. Lewin,Jonathan,Johns Hopkins Medicine
  123. Li,Chengli
  124. Li,Senhu,Xoran Technologies
  125. Liu,Xinyang,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  126. Liu,Ting,brigham and women hospital
  127. Lloyd,Tom,Imricor Medical Systems
  128. Lohfink,Katharina
  129. Lotz,Joachim,University Medical Center Goettingen (UMG)
  130. Madore,Bruno,BWH/HMS
  131. Maier,Florian,The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
  132. Markus,Neumann,LSIIT - Université de Strasbourg
  133. Marx,Michael,Stanford University
  134. Matsuoka,Yuichiro,Foundation for Kobe International Medical Alliance
  135. Maurer,Martin,Charité University Medicine Berlin
  136. Maybody,Majid,Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  137. McDannold,Nathan,BWH/HMS
  138. Mei,Chang-Sheng,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  139. Menard,Cynthia
  140. Meng,Tongbai,Siemens
  141. Meng,Yanfeng,University of Washington
  142. Merboldt,Klaus-Dietmar,Biomed NMR
  143. Moche,Michael,University of Leipzig
  144. Morikawa,Shigehiro,Shiga University of Medical Science
  145. Mynderse,Lance A,Mayo Clinic
  146. Naka,Shigeyuki,Department of Surgery, Shiga University of Medical Science
  147. Nevo,Erez,Robin Medical, Inc.
  148. Nimsky,Christopher,Department of neurosurgery, University Marburg
  149. Norton,Isaiah,Brigham & Women's Hospital
  150. Nour,Sherif,Emory University Hospital
  151. Orbach,Darren,Boston Children's Hospital
  152. Overduin,Christiaan,Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
  153. Oyama,Rie,BWH
  154. Ozawa,Nori,Hitachi Medical Systems America
  155. Padua,Horacio,Boston Children's Hospital
  156. Pan,Li,Siemens Corporate Research & Technology
  157. Parikh,Parag,Washington University School of Medicine
  158. Park,James,Johns Hopkins
  159. Patel,Nitesh,UMDNJ - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
  160. Patel,Pratik,Brainlab
  161. Patil,Sunil,Siemens Corporate Research
  162. Pendleton,Matthew,Institute of Medical Sciences and Technology
  163. Penzkofer,Tobias,Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
  164. Pernelle,Guillaume,bwh
  165. Philip,Mathew,Robin Medical
  166. Polunsky,Zvi,Medtronic
  167. Porter,Tyrone,Boston University
  168. Powell,Tracy,Emory Healthcare
  169. Pujol,Sonia,Surgical Planning Laboratory, Harvard Medical School
  170. Qiu,Bensheng,SIAT
  171. Razavi,Reza,Kings College London
  172. Rigolo,Laura,Brigham and Womens Hospital
  173. Rodas,Conrad,Brainlab
  174. Rosenberg,Christian,Radiology Department, University Medicine Greifswald
  175. Rothgang,Eva,Siemens
  176. Rube,Martin,University of Dundee
  177. Saad,Nael,Washington University in Saint Louis
  178. Sabisch,Jan,Soteria Medical BV
  179. Sachs,Daniel
  180. Saeed,Maythem,University of California San Francisco
  181. Saleh,Emam,BWH
  182. Sathyanarayan,Shashank,Johns Hopkins University
  183. Schmidt,Ehud,BWH/HMS
  184. Schweitzer,Jeff,St. Jude Medical
  185. Scott,Greig,Stanford University
  186. Seifabadi,Reza,Queens University
  187. Shaked,Roneli,Optoacoustics Ltd.
  188. Shea,Steven,Siemens Corporation
  189. Silverman,Stuart,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  190. Smink,Jouke,Philips Healthcare
  191. Song,Sang Eun,BWH
  192. Sprinkhuizen,Sara,MGH/Harvard Medical School
  193. Srimathveeravalli,Govindarajan,Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  194. Stafford,R. Jason,UT MD Anderson Cancer Center
  195. Stone,James,University of Virginia Health System
  196. Streitparth,Florian,Radiology, Charité, Berlin
  197. Su,Hao,Worcester Polytechnic Institute
  198. Sunnarborg,Dan,Imricor Medical Systems, Inc.
  199. sutherland,garnette,University of Calgary - Project neuroArm
  200. Tempany,Clare,BWH/HMS
  201. Tigelaar,Gerrit,Soteria Medical BV
  202. Tilak,Gaurie,HMS
  203. Todd,Nick,Univeristy of Utah
  204. Tokuda,Junichi,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  205. Truwit,Charles,Hennepin County Medical Center
  206. Tümer,Murat,Bogazici University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  207. Tuncali,Kemal,BWH/HMS
  208. Tyc,Richard,Monteris Medical Inc.
  209. Ulrich,Frank,Privatklinik-BBH
  210. Unal,Orhan,University of Wisconsin - Madison
  211. Vangel,Mark,Massachusetts General Hospital
  212. Vasconcellos,Elizabeth,Brainlab
  213. Vigen,Karl,University of Wisconsin-Madison
  214. Viswanathan,Akila,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  215. Voit,Dirk,Biomed NMR
  216. Vosburgh,Kirby,BWH
  217. Wacker,Frank,MHH
  218. Waldron,Tracy,IMRIS
  219. Walser,Eric,University of Texas Medical Branch
  220. Wang,Wei,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  221. Wang,Guangyi,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  222. Warnken,Hartmut,IMRIS Inc.
  223. Weiss,Clifford,Johns Hopkins/Department of Radiology/Interventional Radiology
  224. Wells,William,BWH/HMS
  225. Wheeler,Sam,GE Healthcare
  226. Williams,BJ,Emory University Healthcare
  227. Winkel,Axel,Invivo Germany
  228. Winter,Jeff,IMRIS
  229. Won,Jong Yun,Yonsei University Hospital
  230. Woodrum,David,Mayo Clinic
  231. Wright,Graham.Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
  232. Wu,Peihong
  233. Wu,Holden,UCLA Radiology
  234. Xiao,Yueyong,PLA 301 Hospital
  235. Xu,Di,Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  236. Yamada,Atsushi,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  237. Yang,Xiaoming,University of Washington
  238. Yeniaras,Erol,The MD Anderson Cancer Center
  239. YOSHIMITSU,Kitaro,Brigham and Women's Hospital
  240. Zenta,Kato,Tohoku university
  241. Zhang,Feng,University of Washington
  242. Zhao,Lei,Symbow Medical Technology Co., Ltd
  243. Zhuo,Jiachen,University of Maryland School of Medicine

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